Leslie Woods

Extroverted overcomer. A two-word definition of Leslie Woods. She is very friendly, outgoing, happy, caring and thoughtful. But, she hasn’t always been that way and with good reason. As a teenager, Leslie went through enough in her life to cause any young girl just to want to crawl into a hole and give up. She went from being a popular teen to being bullied and tormented for things that simply were out of her control. At age 14, Leslie was diagnosed with epilepsy.

“Because of my epilepsy my self-esteem dropped to an all-time low.” said Leslie. “I thought it meant that I was stupid and a freak to say the least. I didn’t really know anything about what it truly was. All I knew was that it freaked people out. I lost a lot of friends when people found out and even more when some of them actually saw me have a seizure. Then there were the people who felt it was their duty to make me a charity case. So in just a few months I went from being popular to being a total outcast. Doesn’t really help a 14-year-old cope with something as big as that. Plus, I thought of myself as a complete freak. I became bitter for having it and ultimately started hating everyone including friends, family, and especially God.” Leslie continued, “It took a huge wake up call from God to get me back on track. And to realize that it didn’t matter what people thought of me. That I shouldn’t feel inadequate compared to others. Yeah, I was treated differently by a lot of people, but I was treating myself horribly. It wasn’t until after I got out of school that I really understood what Eleanor Roosevelt meant when she said ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your permission’.”

Fast forward to today and you see the extroverted-overcomer. “If I was a super-hero, I would be called The Extroverted Overcomer!” said Leslie.

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Leslie Woods, “Just Me” CD and “Clueless” DVD Combo


The “Just Me” CD includes four songs.  The “Clueless” DVD includes more than 40 minutes of additional bonus footage, including the official Clueless music video, behind-the-scenes footage, and the story of “how it all happened.”

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